Book description

Master of Birth is a comprehensive introduction to birthing, warm yet unafraid to openly address sensitive topics.  It is an invitation to extensive self-reflection, encouraging readers to make the book their own by taking notes directly on the pages.  Using this book as a well-structured guide, pregnant readers journey on a road of intense introspection and learn to appreciate their own uniqueness.  Discover how to transform birth-blocking, obstructive thoughts using your mind and physical brain.  Unearth the astoundingly beautiful potential that lies within natural birth.  Be inspired by the unconventional way in which the author questions what we think we know and challenges us to completely rethink. 

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Reader´s comment

“This is a book I’ve spent three pregnancies searching for.  It addresses me as an equal.  Instead of dictating how I should think or feel, it empowers me and strengthens me.”

“After reading this book, I felt that I had the contractions under control, and not the other way around!”

“A revelation!  Master of Birth is the first book that deals intensively with the internal and external factors impacting the birthing process while offering strategies to consciously and autonomously utilize those very factors to benefit the birthing woman.”

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Jobina Schenk

About the author

As a life coach, Jobina Schenk questions subconscious behaviors and thought patterns. She investigates the subject of birth, enriching the theoretical aspects with her own practical experience in the field of spiritual-mental birth preparation that enabled her to birth two of her three children completely pain-free.

Dear reader, …

You truly are a wonderful creator. Break through all those inhibiting imaginations and cut through the vicious cycle of fear and tension, so that you may have a positive birthing experience. Conquer your own personal attitude and become a master of birth.

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